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The long awaited restart of Saturday Night Special Folk Club!

2022-23 season tickets are officially on sale now, exclusively for our current (past) club members.

Our 2022-23 season dates and artists have been finalized. Chuck is still working on our February 4th club date but here’s the line-up as it stands right now: (Of course in addition to our own Beagle Boys!)

Sept.17: Guy Davis

Oct. 8: Connie Kaldor

Oct. 29: Ennis Sisters

Nov. 19: Martin Kerr

Jan. 14: Tim Tamishiro

Feb. 4: Dala

Feb. 25: Ellis Paul

Mar. 18: JP Cormier and Dave Gunning

Apr 1: The Heebee-Jeebees with Steve Pineo

Apr. 22: The John Wort Hannam Band

SNS Guitar_inv.png
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