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Performer Information


Guests of the Chinook Musical Society stay at the Carriage House Inn


Rooms in your names have been reserved as specified in your contract, with guaranteed arrival by 6 pm. Please notify the hotel if you will be arriving later.  Upon arrival, you will be asked for your credit card to cover room and all incidental costs.


At the end of the evening, the Chinook Musical Society will reimburse you for the cost of your hotel rooms (including taxes) on the basis of the quote received at the time of booking.

Product Sales

We will provide an area for product sales along with a float and 2 volunteers to staff the sales table. Sales are made before the acts begin and during breaks. 


4 guest passes are available per show, per performing act. 

Please note that the venue is licensed for attendees over the age of 18, therefore guests must be over this age to attend.


Payment will be made at the end of the evening by cheque in Canadian or US funds as per your contract.   Please let Chuck Frank know 7 days prior if you need any arrangements other than those in your contract.

Non-Resident Waiver

Prior to coming to Canada, a non-resident performer can request relief under a tax treaty by submitting a Regulation 105 Waiver Application to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) on the basis of having a fixed base or permanent establishment outside of Canada.  The application will allow tax officers to determine whether or not to waive the 15% tax withholding. The forms can be found here


For more information, log on to and search for:

Regulation 105 Waiver Application.


The society must be informed by the CRA prior to the event that a Non-resident Tax Waiver has been granted or we are required to withhold 15% of the total fee and remit it to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Technical Capabilities

In-House Equipment

We strive to work collaboratively with our artists to ensure the best experience for them and our audience, therefore we request any technical riders, stage plots and accurate input lists when available in advance of the event date. We provide a professional FOH technician and a technician to assist resetting the stage in between acts; both technicians attend sound check and work during the event. 

Please note: there is a house band before all shows. Unless otherwise arranged we soundcheck our headline act, strike the stage and set up the house band. Depending on complexity, some equipment can remain on stage and set up.

  • Midas M32 40 Input Digital Console

  • 32 Channel Digital Audio Snake

  • Up to 5 independent monitor feeds 

  • FX/GEQ on-board digital console

  • Remote control via wireless network available upon request


Analog (by request)

  • Soundcraft LX7 32 Channel Analog Console

  • 2- 16x4 Analog Snake

  • 2 - Lexicon MX300 Reverb

  • 4 – Independent monitor feeds w/ 31 band GEQ

  • 1 – Stereo House EQ



  • 24’ wide x 8’ deep carpeted ¾” solid exterior grade plywood stage decks

  • Stage Height: 12”

  • 12” Stairs with handrails


  • 3 – dedicated 120v 15a circuits – cabling & power strips provided

    • Additional circuits are available but will be shared with other equipment.​



  • 12 – Yorkville LP LED Fixtures (10 stage wash, 2 accent/backdrop lighting)

For any additional questions regarding technical requirements/rider requirements, please contact Calin Way.

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