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Update: March 16 Show

We are pleased to announce that Cara Luft will be performing at our club on March 16.

Cara Luft is a Juno award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist extraordinaire and is a rare artist steeped in folk and traditional roots music almost from birth, yet willing to alter the fabric, stretch the boundaries and fearlessly bend genres and styles. Luft is clearly at home on the stage, and invites audiences into her world with a rare and endlessly appealing confidence and humility. Reviewers of Cara’s live shows talk about her superb musicianship, her humorous anecdotes, her ability to switch between styles, her accomplished songwriting, and the charm of her stage presence. Cara’s the real deal, there’s nothing pretentious about her. And that sense of honesty, integrity, personality and spontaneity permeates both her music and her live shows.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Cara to our stage on the 16th.

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