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Past Show History


 A Day Late and a Dollar Short

 Al Rapone and the Zydeco Express

 Alison Brown Quartette

 Alley Scatz

 Alta 3.9

 Amos Garret and Dave Wilkie

 Amos Garrett and the Eh Team


 Arrogant Worms



 Balfa Toujours


 BCH Band


 Bentall, Taylor and Ulrich

 Bernie Evans

 Bill Bourne

 Bill Henderson

 Bob Bossin

 Bob Evans

 Bourne and MacLeod

 Bowser and Blue


 Bruce Martin

 Bryan Bowers

 Buddy Whas His Name and the Other Fellows

 Byron Berline



 Cabin Fever





 Carlos del Junco

 Cathy Fink

 Cathy Fink and Marcie Marxer

 Cathy Miller

 Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez

 Chris Hillman and John Jorgenson

 Christine Lavin

 Chuck and Albert

 Cindy Church



 Connie Kaldor


 Crooked Creek

 Crystal Plamondon




 Dan Crary

 Darcy D’eauville

 Dave Mallett

 David Essig

 David Francey

 Dean Marshall

 Diamond Joe White

 Dick Howe

 Don Freed

 Don Gowan

 Doone Wilkins and John Clarke

 Doug Cox

 Dougie Maclean

 Draught Porridge

 Dry Branch Fire Squad



 Eliza Gylkison

 Eric and Leon Bibb

 Eric Bibb

 Evans and Dougherty



 Felix Possack

 Fiddlers Hatchery

 Folle Avoine


 Frank Irvine and the Rocky Mountain Boys

 Fred Mallette and Mickey Maione



 Gareth and Pauline Morgan

 Gary Fjellgaard

 George Fitzmorris

 Gilbert Parent and Les Bucherons

 Gord Campbell


 Guy Davis



 Harrow, Mundy and Kerr

 Harry Manx

 Humpty and the Dumptrucks



Ian Tyson

Ian Wilson



 J.P. Cormier

 Jack Whyte

 James Keelaghan

 James Keelaghan with Jez Lowe

 Jamie Little

 Jane Gillman and Darcy D’eauville

 Jann Arden


 Jerusalem Ridge

 Jesse Winchester

 Jim Byrnes with Steve Dawson and Jesse Zubot

 Jim McLennan

 Jim Post

 Joan MacIsaac

 John Allan Cameron

 John Campbell

 John Leeder

 John McCutcheon

 John McEuen

 John Reichsman and the Jaybirds

 John Worral

 John Wort Hannam

 Johnny Thorson

 Jon Sirkis

 Judy and Aleisje

 Judy Threet



 Karl Roth

 Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Caplan

 Kilgore Trout



 Laura Love

 Laura Smith

 Lee and Sandy Paley

 Lennie Gallant

 Leslie Partridge

 Leslie Schatz

 Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir

 Little Miss Higgins

 Liz Alderton

 Long John Baldry

 Lorne Elliot

 Luke Wilson

 Lunch At Allen’s

 Lyn and Barry Luft



 Mansel Davies

 Margaret Christl

 Marie Lynn Hammond

 Mark Koenig

 Martin Simpson

 Mary Flower

 Matt Anderson

 Michael Mitchell Band

 Michelle Allen

 Mike O’Reilly

 Mike Sobey and Ron Weutherick

 Moxy Fruvous

 Murray McLaughlan



 Natalie MacMaster

 Nathan Rogers

 North Wind



 Oscar and Manuel

 Oscar Lopez



 Paddy Tutty

 Paul Finkleman

 Paul Hann

 Paul Hepher

 Plug Nickle







 Ranch Romance

 Reedy Walker

 Richard White

 Rick Scott

 Robert Burton Hubele

 Robin and Lynda Williams

 Rocky Road

 Ron Nolan


 Roy Forbes

 Ruthie Foster



 Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women

 Schooner Fare

 Schooner Fare


 Shari Ulrich

 Sharon Paul

 Sid Marty


 Stan and Elaine Morris

 Stephen Fearing

 Steve Seskin


 Su Chong Lim






 Terry Kruger

 The April Verch Band

 The Austin Lounge Lizards

 The Barra MacNeils

 The BH Band

 The Bills

 The Bluehouse

 The Calgary Fiddlers

 The Contenders

 The Duhks

 The Ennis Sisters

 The Fables

 The Good Brothers

 The Great Western Orchestra

 The Heebie Jeebies

 The Hot Club of Cowtown

 The Irish Descendants

 The Limeliters

 The McDade Family Band

 The McDades

 The Original Caste

 The Oyster Band

 The Pius Few

 The Polyjesters

 The Refugees

 The Romaniacs

 The Sojourners

 The Stratus Singers

 The Swinging Bovines

 The Waybacks

 The Wild Colonial Boys

 Tim Rogers

 Tim Williams

 Todd Butler


 Tom Chapin

 Tom Paxton

 Tom Russell

 Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy

 Triple Threat

 Trout Creek Pickers

 Trout Fishing in America








 Vance Gilbert

 Vera Johnson



 Wendell Ferguson and Katherine Wheatley

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