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Club News

Lineup Change

Due to unforeseen issues, Guy Davis is unfortunately not able to perform on September 17th.
Fortunately, club favourite David Francey has agreed to step in and help us kick things off at our first club of the season – our first club since March 2020.


The long awaited restart of Saturday Night Special Folk Club!

2022-23 season tickets are officially on sale now, exclusively for our current (past) club members.

Our 2022-23 season dates and artists have been finalized. Chuck is still working on our February 4th club date but here’s the line-up as it stands right now: (Of course in addition to our own Beagle Boys!)

Sept.17: Guy Davis

Oct. 8: Connie Kaldor

Oct. 29: Ennis Sisters

Nov. 19: Martin Kerr

Jan. 14: Tim Tamishiro

Feb. 4: Dala

Feb. 25: Ellis Paul

Mar. 18: JP Cormier and Dave Gunning

Apr 1: The Heebee-Jeebees with Steve Pineo

Apr. 22: The John Wort Hannam Band

New website!

We are pleased to be launching a new version of our website. You may find that some things are a little bit different but should (hopefully) provide an enhanced experience. The most noticeable change you will notice will be in the Ticket Exchange, we have changed over from a blog based comment system to a forum system. This should allow you to remove your personal information once you have bought or sold your tickets.
As this is a new site we might have missed something or not linked a button properly, if you find yourself lost in a strange webpage, send us a note in the contact page and select 'Website Feedback' and we will look into it.

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