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April Update from our President

From: David McIntyre Sent: Wednesday, April 8, 2020 7:56 PM Subject: Club Update

I'm hoping that everyone is doing well and is safe in this odd and somewhat scary situation we find ourselves.. I can tell you that at this point, the Board members are all well and isolating themselves and both Jocelyn and I are well and practicing safe distancing. It's a little more interesting here, as we've had a 10 yer old boy visiting since before the lock down, so not just the two of us.

Obviously this year is done for the club and given the uncertainty we have decided to defer the fall opener to November 14, when Guy Davis is slated to open. Of course, at this point we really don't know what the situation will be in November, so we'll keep you posted as things move along. In the meantime, the Board decided that in order to help out the performers we had booked for this spring, we would pay them 50% of their fee. It will make a dent in our savings but it seemed the fair thing to do.

Regarding refunds for this year and cheques for next season,:

  • it will be much less work and less costly if we apply this year's refund to next year's ticket purchases. If this does not work for you, please let Anita know at:

  • we are still hoping to put on 9 shows next year, by adding a second one in November and tacking 2 on at the end. This means we probably won't be holding the dance next spring

  • obviously, the May deadline for ticket renewals is no longer applicable and we will advise you of the new deadline, when we have a better idea of what is going to happen

  • a few members have asked if they can just donate their refund to the club and while we are happy to do that, we unfortunately cannot issue receipts

Of course, this is predicated on everything returning to normal, as we cannot have reasonable social distancing at the club, so we'll just have to see.. There will be more to come in further updates

It occurs to me that we have many friends at the club that we don't see outside the club so may not have contact information for them or in some cases full names. I would encourage you all to put messages on the club Facebook page so we can keep up with one another.

At this point I would like to once again thank all the volunteers for your help. We have around 100 volunteers who keep the club running. Without you, we would not be able to function

I'd also like to thank the Board members:

Chris Jensen, Volunteers

Chloe MacKenzie-Pigeon, Treasurer

Anita Fongern, Tickets

Heather Mitchell, Secretary

Christine Nielsen, Communications

Calin Way, Technical

Matt Bootle, Board Provocateur

and of course, Chuck Frank and Ed Jensen who work to put our amazing entertainment together and contribute in many other ways.

All the best, and stay healthy!

David McIntyre


Chinook Musical Society

Calgary Alberta

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