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May 2020 Update from the President

Jocelyn and I are well and taking the whole social distancing and safe Covid practices to heart. It's easier for me, being more of an introvert but now with the nice weather we can sit on the front lawn and shout to friends and neighbours across the appropriate chasm.

I trust everyone else is doing well and remaining safe both physically and mentally. It certainly has been a challenge on the mental front but now with our chairs set up on the front lawn at least we can interact to faces a few feet away! We've begun to meet and get to know a whole bunch of neighbours.

The club is never far from our minds but honestly there is little to add at this point. We still have tentative plans for November but are not sure that this is realistic and it is a bit early to make that call. However I do want to reassure you:

  • We have not set a deadline for ticket payment for an upcoming season. We will give you lots of warning.

  • Please don't worry about losing your season tickets at this point. We are doing nothing with the list and will be in touch before we do. Your season tickets are safe.

  • Some people have told us they are going to cancel their tickets because they are concerned about Covid. At this point, do not feel you must make that decision. We are well aware that the club is generally of an older demographic and we do not intend to put anyone at risk. So, hang on and make that decision when we decide how and when we are going to proceed.

Music is a very important part of our lives and I expect it is for most, if not all of you. We have been enjoying online performances by many of our favourite performers including: Jann Arden, Lennie Gallant, Burton Cummings, Martin Kerr and John McCutcheon. We will try and remember to put links to any shows we are aware of on our Facebook page and I encourage you to add any of your favourites to the page as well.

We will keep in touch and let you know about plans for the shows and when to pay for season tickets. With summer here (I hope) communication is likely to be sporadic as I'd much rather be out in the garden than in the office on the computer, but I will try to keep up.

Please feel free to contact any of the Board members if you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns. You can find the email contacts in the light purple boxes at the very bottom of the homepage on our website.

David McIntyre


Chinook Musical Society

Calgary Alberta

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